Ever Cut a Green Pepper in Half?

Cutting things in half is FUN!

Ever since I was young I have been interested in taking things apart and seeing what's inside. I think it's the mystery of seeing inside common things that intrigues me the most.

So… I decided to start cutting things apart with my kids and using the activity to teach them how things are made and/or how they grown in nature.

I hope you and your kids enjoy the discovery of looking inside these objects. We certainly do!

We'll continue to add new categories and objects as we cut them in half. We're thinking of sports balls next. We really want to see inside a baseball and golf ball.

Keep checking back, more to come…


green pepper inside



Green Pepper Cut in Half

These photos are from our garden. First we plant the seeds and watch the plant grow. After a month or so the plants grow little flowers. These flowers are pollinated by the bees in our backyard and soon begin to develop little, tiny green peppers.



Green Pepper Cut in Half

As the peppers grow, they take on their familiar shape.

Then we cut it in half… (we don't really use an ax).


Green Pepper Cut in half



Green Pepper Cut in Half

This is what the seeds look like.

Each fall we take the seeds out of 2–3 peppers and dry them out. They keep nicely in a paper envelope over the winter months. The following spring we start all over again with our saved seeds.